Phoenix Empire

Entering the Glitterheim

Our adventurers went into the depths of Glitterheim.  Vanya and Kelsier staying up top on various missions.  Vanya to secure their retreat and train the Orcs that Pip was in charge of.  Kelsier scouting about to find any evidence of the Gnoll corruption.

Our adventurers delved below to discover the Glitterheim and the great glittering caverns given their namesake.  On the way down they cleared the caves of the remaining stirges.  During the descent they discovered a mold filled room. Kiril and Jerem both correctly surmised the danger and with their botanical knowledge helped the party burn away the mold.  As a reward for their perseverance they discovered a magical sword.  Seemingly newly minted on the skeletal corpse of someone who must have sought refuge there so long ago.

Continuing further into the Glitterheim they came upon a pair of foul smelling Troglodytes and a bear.  After an intense fight they discovered these creatures were guarding a tunnel that lead to the outdoors.  It appears that this was the way the original 5th Legion gained entrance into the dwarven keep so long ago.

Further into the Glitterheim they searched.  They came upon a partially collapsed slope.  Climbing the loose gravel they were set upon by a large Grick.  The serpent with tentacles for a head.  The foul beast fought with a mighty hunger.  Had our heroes not been so brave Jerryk would have been eaten for sure!  But they defeated the creature and took a rest in its lair.

Lastly they found an Iron door leading to stairs and a curious room with dwarven statues.  After what seemed like forever they discovered a secret door going down.  On the way down a magic mouth spell went off and alerted the stair to the approaching non dwarves. 

At the bottom of the stair they encountered some grey dwarves.  They bargained with the dwarves, deducing that bribery was a way past them.  Offering a silver inlaid helm they had found as a passage tax they were allowed to investigate specific sections of the complex.

The party discovered that wild magic had been released at the final battle of the fall.  Animated tables and chairs attacked the party.  Smashing themselves upon the bulwark of their armor.  They decided at that point to return again after a rest and hopefully with their missing companions.  They retired upstairs. 


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